Play through Bonus Rules of Online Casinos

One of the top reasons why most people engage in online casino gambling is the idea of being able to take pleasure using offered casino bonuses. Land based casinos usually offer their players rewards in form of free meals and drinks. However, in online casinos system of bonuses and promotions is completely different. They do not offer you drinks or chef’s compliments, but they offer you money for further gambling. You may use that bonus money within a casino any time, for example when you play rainbow riches game at William Hill. There are different types of casino bonuses, and different ways of claiming them. While every casino has its specific terms and conditions, there are some common rules found besides most of them.

Main Conditions of Claiming a Bonus

Online casinos that are willing to give you free money without completing of any terms and requirements are few. Still, they do exist. Unfortunately, most of these casinos are rogue, and they just try to make more players make deposits without paying them back. In most cases, credible online casinos offer a bonus which is a percentage of the deposited money. For instance, a casino will claim to give you a bonus of $500. But this doesn’t imply that you will be given the $500 immediately you sign up. There will be some match percent which will allow you to get up to $500 for your deposit. Let us say, that the match % rate is 200%. If you make deposit of $50 you get $100 more as a bonus. But if you make deposit of $500, that does not mean that you will get $1000, as the bonus is limited by $500.

After selecting the casino to play, keep in mind the fact that bonuses offered have ‘playthrough requirements’. Playthrough bonus rules refer to requirements that you must meet before you can convert the bonus money into real cash. Once you have satisfied these requirements/ rules, the online casino will permit you to withdraw your bonus money as winnings.

Let’s say that you have managed to get $500 in casino bonus after placing an initial deposit of $500 and you wish to cash out/ withdraw your money as $1000 ($500 match up casino bonus and $500 your initial deposit). Technically, your financial credit at the casino will be showing $1000, but you can’t extract the $1, 000. By the rules and terms and conditions given by the casino, to withdraw your deposit, winnings and bonus amount, you will need to fulfill some wagering requirements. Some casinos might for example say that you will need wagering 50 times your initial deposit and bonus. This means that to withdraw your $1000 from the casino, you must make the wagers count to $50, 000 (i.e. $1000x50).

Keep in mind that playthrough bonus rules of online casinos require that you wager that sum and not lose or else win that much. As such, it is essential that you always verify a casino’s playthrough bonus rules to be assured that you are comfortable with wagering requirements before you make your first deposit. Many players forget about this small rule and in result are disappointed with their gambling.