After its entry into the online casino industry in 1995 Cryptologic has grew well and is today amongst the market leaders. It is publicly traded on Toronto Stock Exchange, Nasdaq and the Canadian Dealer Network. The company is a developer and supplier of gaming technologies to the online casino industry and has some of the beat games in the industry today. To its credit it has given the most innovative software for online poker to the players. The "play for money" concept in casinos was also pioneered by them along with a few more companies.

The basics of the company still follow the old economy ways and the capitalization is done in accordance to the new economy. This strategy has helped it attain its enviable position in the market today. The company believes in constant innovation and reinventing to avoid any stagnation and stay ahead in the race. It has created more than 200 excellent online games that have helped it garner its current position.

Cryptologic Software

Cryptologic has clearly understood that in order to race ahead and maintain their position in the industry they need to constantly reinvent and innovate. With this comes the need to keep developing state-of-art products that cater to every possible need of the consumer. In order to understand the pulse of the market and the potential needs of its customers Cryptologic keeps having extensive market research that is then translated into product development.

They ensure that every product has the requisite research, support, financial advice and marketing campaigns to make it a sure shot success. It introduces its games in various languages in order to cater to the global customer base it has. It would be fascinating to note that it has handled greater than $50 billion value of transactions. The company strictly adheres to all the government and licensing regulations.

Software for casinos

Its games are based on both Java and Flash platforms. Cryptologic offers more than 60 browser games and greater than two hundred downloadable games. It has casino, progressive, slot and table games. The games have the multi-player option and offer stunning graphics and thumping sound. There is a just a minor hitch here and that is that its games are not too quick.

This is because of the various animations on them. Irrespective of whether you have switched them on or off they affect the speed of the game and may get slightly irritating. Cryptologic has won various renowned rewards and has been at the top of the ratings for a long time now.

Software for poker

Poker is the most popular online casino game. Thanks to its immense popularity casinos are always on the lookout for the latest versions and Cryptologic has constantly been coming up with innovative versions.