Pros and Cons of Downloadable and Flash Casino Games


Playing in online casinos can appear to be rather different experience than in brick and mortar houses. Undoubtedly, online casinos are more favorable for players; that's why they are so popular today. But in case you are new to the online world of gambling, you have to learn some tips how to increase your game odds and performance. When you have chosen a casino and software provider, you will be proposed to download the casino software programs or to play a Flash casino games. What variant is better for you depends on your aim and expectations.

Flash Casino Games

Online casinos that need no download are powered by Flash technology, so that is why they are called as Flash versions of games. No download games are played in the web browser, like Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer. So, it is necessary that the Flash plug-in be loaded on the computer.

No Download Benefits

  1. With no download version you can gamble from any computer with no need to re-download the program. It is comfortable if you play not at home but at work for example.
  2. Flash software can be played within well-known web browsers like Firefox and Internet Explore.
  3. The speed of the game is higher than of download version because it is lighter in size.

No Download Disadvantages

  1. If the internet connection is slow, it can take some time to load the game from the internet.
  2. The quality of sound and graphics is poorer than of download versions.
  3. Flesh software is less reliable than download one and the quality of customer support is not high as well.

Download Casino Games

Download software is considered to be superior to flash versions. It is true as downloadable software is a full version and as the result is of better quality. Once you load a casino you can enter it at any time, not bothering yourself with future downloads.

Download Benefits

  1. Graphics and sounds are superb and offer the clients many options.
  2. Download version is more reliable, so the flow of the game is smooth.
  3. The interface is more player-friendly.
  4. You don't have to wait launching a casino game.

Download Disadvantages

  1. It takes much time to download the software for the first time.
  2. The software can be a bit bulky and it takes from 100 to 250 MB of the computer memory.
  3. You can login only from the computer, where you have downloaded the software.

So, both types of software providers have pros and cons that should be taken into consideration. When you are determining what type is better for you, simply decide the number of gambling activities you want access to, free disk space, speed of the internet connection and if you are going to play on one single PC.