Canada has just seen the entry of online casinos and people are quite unsure of how to go about it. Here are some frequently asked questions that would put all your doubts to rest.

  • Is it legal to gamble in Canada?
    In spite of people claiming that online gambling is not legal you should know that as long as the gambling is taking place in a jurisdiction that is legal the Canadian residents can gamble on it. Check the jurisdiction before you start.
  • What is the minimum age required to play at online casinos?
    The minimum permissible age may vary from one casino to another but generally it is 18 years.
  • Is transferring money to online casino accounts safe?
    Yes, it is safe as they use Secure Socket Layers (SSL) for encryption of all financial transactions and no one can access the data barring the casino operators.
  • Is it a must to own a credit card?
    No it is not. You may wire transfer the funds or use e-wallets for direct transfer from your bank. There are prepaid vouchers available too at land-based retailers.
  • What is the guarantee that all games are random?
    Online casinos use a RNG i.e. Random Number Generator. This is just a mathematic algorithm and it replicates the actual random outcomes with the help of complex calculations. These RNG is authenticated by third-parties for complete surety.
  • What payout % do casinos offer?
    The legal minimum payout% is currently 96% and it is very rare for an online casino to offer less than 97%. 
  • What all should I know for downloading online casinos?
    Generally the casino game suites are 100MB-Gigs, that depends on the software quality. Ensure that your computer is compatible with the minimum requirements before you attempt downloading the software as the system may crash otherwise. Don't worry about virus attacks as the software has anti-virus preinstalled so your system is at no risk at all.
  • Are the online casinos compatible with Mac?
    Most games are compatible with Windows, but as there are flash versions available you can easily play on the web browser without downloading.
  • How can I verify the reputation of an online casino?
    Go though the "about us" section on the webpage and if you see the following software designer's names then be rest assured that it is a reputed one.
    • Cryptologic
    • Microgaming
    • 888 Holdings
    • Party Gaming
    • Boss Media
    • Orbis Open Bet
    • Rival
    • Real Time Gaming
    • Vegas Technology
    These are renowned names in the arena of online gambling and are verified by numerous authorities and guarantee that their software shall provide fair outcomes for its players.
  • What does "proprietary software" term imply?
    "Proprietary software" means that the software designing is by the in-house department. Some casino operators like Party Gaming and 888 are trustworthy, but do stay with only these two brands when talking about proprietary software. This is because they are approved and regulated gaming authorities.