Microgaming is a private casino games developer that develops software platforms with state-of-art features for online casinos globally. Microgaming was known by the name Prima Poker earlier that is renowned for hosting some of the major online-poker rooms. In business since the year 1994, it has an extensive customer base for its poker games.

The formation of eCOGRA

When online casinos were still in their nascent stage a lot of duplicity and fraud was associated with the industry and was correct to some extent as security and safety was not on the top of list of the provider. It is at this time when Microgaming in collaboration with other software providers gave the concept of "eCOGRA" that stands for e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance.

The eCOGRA is not related to the online gambling industry and strictly keeps a vigil on the safety and security issues of the players in the industry. This is one forum where all players who feel that have been cheated in someway or the other can approach them and have their problems resolved amicably. Players would find respite in the fact that the rulings of eCOGRA has been in favor of the players generally.

Microgaming games

If you take into account the enormous number of casinos along with the poker rooms it has, Microgaming seems to be the undisputed king. Microgaming offers the best gaming platforms to casinos that make incorporation of new games equally smooth and effortless. They offer an attractive assortment of games from which casinos can make their personal pick.

Microgaming's forte is that although it provides similar games to all casinos it incorporates few variations to give the game its own individual identity that players love. In fact the largest progressive jackpot on the internet is Microgaming. It has to date paid more than $250 million from the time it was launched.

Quality of software

Microgaming understands the world of online gaming like no one else. The sond, graphics and experience is truly the best in the industry. The games are extremely user-friendly. The slot games are quite sophisticated with fascinating sound and amazing graphics.