If you are interested in learning roulette you should understand the nuances of the game and know exactly what you are up against. Study roulette probabilities to increase your winnings. Both land and online roulette wheel have 37 numbered pockets in a European roulette and 38 numbered pockets in American roulette. This extra 0 was added in the year 1842 by the roulette wheel designers in order to hike the house edge. Later some US wheel builders invented their own variant by adding a 00 to hike the house edge further.

Remember that in roulette every spin is a unique case and thus the roulette probability stays invariable. Don't forget that a roulette wheel does not have any memory so there is no record of the previous spins and also where the ball finally landed. You should know when to quit and it is the most crucial decision as it will be decisive of the money you may win at roulette. You may like to believe that as you keep playing your scope of winning may improve too and you may hope that in the next spin the ball may fall in the numbered pocket of your bet as the ball falls randomly. Unfortunately, both online and offline casinos function on the same randomness. 

Understanding RNG

RNG is the tool employed by online casinos for producing the various results in online roulette. The Random Number Generator creates 1000's of random numbers/ second. Out of these numbers any number may be finalized at any moment as the final winning number. RNG keeps the game random and maintains a steady roulette probability.  Some reputed online casinos also give out scrutinized payout tables that offer an in-depth analysis about their payouts.

Tips for lowering the house edge

  • Surrender rule holds valid only on outside bets that payout at even money.  In case the ball ends up at 0 or 00 you lose ½ of your initial bet. Here the house advantage drops to 2.63%. 
  • Prison rule - When the ball drops in the 0 slot the dealer proposes 'en prison'. All the even money bets get immobilized and are held over till the next spin.  House advantage comes down to 1.35%. 
  • Five Way Bets- On each single wager you propose both online and land casinos have an equal advantage. The only exception to the rule is on five way bets placed on a 00 wheel wherein the house a bigger advantage.

Roulette Probabilities

View the betting odds in favor or against a particular event gives you the best scope to beat roulette.

  1. Those numbers that are on the opposite of the wheel and are between 27 - 33 are called "tiers"
  2. Those numbers that construct the slices of a roulette wheel out of the Tiers and "neighbors" are called "orphans". 
  3. A unique roulette bet that gets its nomenclature from the collection of numbers around 0 is called "Zero spiel".