The disclosure of Baccarat is entirely deterministic and any one of the outcomes is possible. What it actually means is that after you have made a stake the game goes on without your intervening in the game at all. Any player wishing to play this game should be aware of the odds and the house edge of the game.

The popularity of Baccarat can be attributed to the fact that its house advantage is quite low i.e. just 1%. Newbie players should know and understand the three possible outcomes of the game in order to play it well.

To understand this you need to first understand the statistical difference between the "croupier" and the "player" positions. The former carries a house advantage of 1.17% and the latter of 1.36%. As the "dealer" position's edge is higher it is obvious that the "croupier" shall emerge ahead in long term but the catch is that no one can actually tell how much time may go in achieving the edge.

Working at the baccarat table

If you are really serious about tilting the Baccarat odds in your favor you should first try to narrow down the tables that have the lowest number of decks. When the decks used reduce the Baccarat odds shift in the favor of the players as the baccarat possibilities augment.

Baccarat odds

In the classic game of Baccarat with 6-decks the croupier's house edge is of 1.06%, player's house edge is of 1.24% and for 14.44% in case of the tie position. Single deck game has the croupier's house edge at 1.01%, player's house edge at 1.29% and for tie position the house edge is at 15.75%. This would clearly show that when the numbers of decks decrease the house edge decreases for both the croupier and the player and for the tie it increases. Obviously if you do manage to find a single deck table avoid the tie-position bet. It is safer to bet on either the player or the croupier position if you see the house edge going up towards the tie position.

Be mentally prepared that this is one game that is always tilted towards the house. You may make some wins or lose some money but the casino is all set to make profits only if taken cumulatively. Come to the baccarat table with the correct approach and you are sure to enjoy the game.