Strategy tips to win at slots

The world of slots is peppered with myths and false strategies, so we will start at the bottom and work upwards. First we will explain exactly how online casino slots work and then go on to indicate the best strategies to use when you play them at sites like

However complicated a slot game might appear, it is in fact very simple. The games are controlled by a simple random number generator which is triggered when you hit the spin button. The generator produces one random number for each reel which determines where that wheel will apparently stop. Each reel contains a sequence of symbols, so once that random number has been mapped to that reel the symbol corresponding to each payline has been determined. It all happens in an instant; nothing apart from a graphic display is going on while you are watching the reel spin; it is all for show.

The slot designer determines the odds of each possible winning combination, but these are not made available to the roulette players. The only information the casino provides is the average payout of the slot. It is impossible to work out these probabilities.

What is important to realise is that every spin is random. If it is a progressive slot that has a £1 million jackpot, then you are just as likely to win it immediately following a payout as you are if it hasn’t paid out for several days or weeks.

The best strategy is to understand the rules of the slot and the paylines. Generally you only qualify for the top prize if you bet the maximum amount, so generally it is advisable to always go for maximum bet and maximum lines. This can make it quite expensive, so make sure that you bankroll can take the heat. Don’t expect to win quickly; average payouts are computed over many thousands of spins so be prepared for some lengthy sessions.